Australian PM, Quoting Churchill, Indirectly Sends Message to Trump

Quoting Winston Churchill, Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, indirectly sends a message to American President, Donald Trump, that he is wasting his time deriding the media. #NotTheEnemy

“A very great politician, Winston Churchill, once said that politicians complaining about the newspapers is like a sailor complaining about the sea. There is not much point. That is the media we live with and we have.jpg

He Said What?: A Quote by Winston Churchill that Will Make You Smile


Conversation between Winston Churchill and his photographer on the occasion of his 75th birthday:

Photographer: “I hope, sir, that I will shoot your picture on your hundredth birthday.”

Churchill: “I don’t see why not, young man. You look reasonably fit and healthy.”

—1949, Hyde Park Gate, London 
[cited in Langworth, Churchill: In His Own Words]

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